N·O·A Bartfeld



Educational Experiences

15 - 17 ––  PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, MFA Transdisciplinary Design

06 - 10 –– SHENKAR - ENGINEERING. DESIGN. ART, B. Des Textile & Spatial Design

10 - 11 ––   AUTHORITY ISRAEL NATIONAL THERAPEUTIC RIDING ASSOCIATION, Certification, Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor


Professional Experience

02.18 - Present –– PROGRAMS DEVELOPMENT –– ACT Shenkar, Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art.
Director of academic design initiatives

18 –– DESIGN STRATEGIST –– Johnson & Johnson
Freelance design strategist at the health care insights and innovation team of J&J design studio.

17 – 18 –– PART TIME FACULTY at Parsons School of Design - The New School –– Strategic Design and Management, BBA
Managing Creative Teams, Fall 17, Spring 18
Integrated Research and Development, Fall 17

15 –– RED HOOK CHECK-IN –– Design strategist and Service Designer
The 'Red Hook Cheek-In' is a community-based service, focused on disaster preparedness community relations. Role –– Design of the project’s strategy, validation and ideation phases. –– Generated a co-creative process for a new social service. –– Facilitating workshops, preparing material and helping design the service. –– Strategic content development for residents recruitment through media relations, and in person. –– Sourcing props for workshops from IKEA Brooklyn donations.

08 - 15 –– FREELANCE SET DESIGNER | CREATIVE MANAGER, Theater / TV Series / advertisement.
Designed and tailored sets and props according to client preferences, on a tight schedule and a hectic environment –– Managed a team of sets assistants –– Maintained the sets before and during filming –– Budget management. .

14 - 15 –– DESIGN MUSEUM HOLON –– Experience Designer & Educational Instructor.
Conducted design related educational experiences for school students and families. –– Provided local and international visitors with a personalized experience through the changing design exhibitions –– Researched relevant topics to include additional instruction and commentary for visitors.

13 - 15 –– BEIT-HA'IR MUSEUM TEL AVIV –– Experience & Props Designer and Educational Instructor.

Designing for a Museum of Urban History and Culture, the Department of Education
Conceptualized and facilitated a variety of educational programs and experiences tailored for children of all ages. –– Designed sets and costumes for special events taking place throughout the museum. –– Presented the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in both English and Hebrew. 



18 –– Honored, Core77 Design Awards 2018, Strategy & Research

18  –– Finalist, FAST COMPANY: World Changing Ideas Awards


17 –– Publication, URBAN MATTERS

17 –– Winner, PRIZED SOLUTIONS: RE IMAGINING NYC –– The New School Center for New York City Affairs ––  An applied policy research institute.

16 –– Winner, HEALTH, HEALTHCARE AND DIGITAL SOLUTION HACKATON. In partnership with: Cognizant Digital Works, ReD Associates, and Idea Couture. 

15 –– Certificate of appreciation, THE FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA).



Design research methods, experience design, service design and strategy design. 

Multimedia Storytelling Methods

Managing Creative Teams

Workshop Design & Facilitation

Project Management